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Marketing Videos To Grow Your Business In Sonoma County and Santa Rosa

Large numbers of businesses in the location of Sonoma County are involved in utilizing marketing videos to help grow their business. Do you know the reason behind it? In fact video is considered as the most effective way to say something or convey any information through multimedia sources. For this reason video marketing is gaining […]

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Five Benefits to Using Educational Videos in Your Business

More and more businesses are turning to quality educational videos for training their employees and for marketing. And that’s not any surprise considering how far video technology enterprise has evolved in the past two decades. Accessibility and high quality videos have improved and now companies are able to connect easily and engage their dispersed employees […]

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Video Production as a Marketing Tool For Your Business

Video production can be used for a number of reasons. Video production can be used as a marketing tool for your business, advertising, for promotions, educational, for events and so forth. When moving images are captured by creating a video, it is called video production. Then the combination and reductions of the parts of these videos are […]

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Wedding Videography – Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Marriage is a whirlwind of activity, and that’s why there is one aspect to consider in wedding events: Choosing Your Wedding Videographer to provide you with cutting edge wedding videography. When selecting your videographer, it is critical to view examples of his or her previous work. As anyone who has taken video of a vacation or […]

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Cinematography – An Important Element of Video Production

Cinematography is the actions and steps that you have to take in the process of capturing a video. When it comes to actually making a video, one of the main parts is being able to record it on film. In the beginning, there were silent films. These were films that did not have any sound to them. […]

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AT’s Showdown Build & First Session

A look at the building and Friday practice for AT’s Showdown. Read the full PinkBike post here: ————————————————————– Filmed by: Justin Liddell & Nick Pavelka Edited by: Justin Liddell ————————————————————– Cable Cam by: Scott Callaghan Cable Cam Gimbal Operation by: Nick Pavelka Aerial Cinematography: Justin Liddell ————————————————————– Location: Santa Rosa, CA ————————————————————– Cameras: Sony FS700, Panasonic GH4 ————————————————————– Aerial: […]

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